How to Exhibit Your Work


2) Select the area you want to rent. You can choose as many "units" as you want and even select the whole wall. The price per unit per day is 25ct.

3) Select for how many days you want to exhibit your work. Then click the big "Rent Now" button.

4) Pay with PayPal

5) Choose an image, a video or a text that you want to exhibit.

6) Click "Publish".

7) Enter your personal details and choose whether your artwork is for sale or not. Make sure to bookmark your edit page's URL. The url will be shown in red.

8) Your artwork is now shown at Roehrs & Boetsch in Zurich, Switzerland.

9) Update your CV.

10) If you want to make any changes, then open your edit page and upload new contents or move your artwork to the front again (people can place artworks on top of your artwork, and so can you).

Frequently Asked Questions

Somebody has put their art atop of mine, partly or fully hiding it

Go to the edit page that you have bookmarked. Click Move to Front. Now your art will be on top of everything again. You can do this 10 times, so make sure to be strategic about it.

There is no free area left on the wall

Don't worry. You can place your art wherever you want to, even atop of other people's art.

How much does it cost?

You can project your art for 25ct per 0.09sqm. Exhibiting your work on the whole wall for one day will thus cost you $25.

Where is this wall?

It's at Roehrs & Boetsch, a commercial gallery in Zurich, Switzerland.

Is this live?

Yes, as soon as you click "publish", your work will be exhibited in the gallery, on this website, and in the live stream (the stream is always a few seconds behind).

Is the art in any way moderated?

No. But the gallery holds the right to remove any racist, homophobic, or sexist content from the wall.

Exhibited Artists

Gianluca Monaco

Gregor Vogel

Niko Princen

Michael Dellefant

Domenico Barra

Eli Schiff

Katia Roessel

Seol Cheong Kwon

Tunay Bora

Wednesday Kim

Nadja Buttendorf & Aram Bartholl


g. maier

Dan Moore

Kyle McDonald

Nadja Buttendorf

Luke Graham

Zsolt Mesterhazy

Bjørn Magnhildøen

Claus Gunti

Mario Klingemann

Lukas Stahnsdorff

Ana Buigues


Be nice to your device™



Lauren Moffatt

Joost Hoogendoorn


Joris Hoogendoorn

Raluca Croitoru

Marius Stepanek

Shawn Maximo

Jameal Ghaznawi

Banz & Bowinkel


Jacob Lindgren

Krisis Publishing

Alina Lupu

Dea Khalvashi

rosa rotze

Anna-Luise Lorenz


Jon Uriarte

Gertruda Gilyte

Manuel Roßner

General Intellect

Matthias Pitscher

Jochem Walboomers

Jeroen Rijnart & Jochem Walboomers

Aaron McCarthy

Bogdan Roshchenko

Bastiaan de Nennie

Jackie Granger

Baybee Cafateria

Astrid Ehlers

Vannoccio Biringuccio


-drik S.

Jonas Lund

Samuel Perry


Demystification Committee

Andy Kassier

Mirabela Dauer

Maximilian Prag


julian zigerli

Aram Bartholl


Louis Frehring

Capitana F

Bora Akinciturk


...and several anonymous artists


Projected.Capital is a project by Silvio Lorusso and Sebastian Schmieg, exhibited online and at Roehrs & Boetsch in Zurich, Switzerland.

Say no to curators gatekeeping, forget about the intermediation of the art market, gain direct access to the prestige of the art world: Projected.Capital lets you show your work in a commercial gallery in Switzerland by renting a portion of its exhibition space during a 2-week show. 900cm2 of exhibition surface can be rented for as little as $0.25/day.
Browse Projected.Capital from the comfort of your home, where a live feed of the exhibition space will welcome you. Once you have selected and rented a section of the space, you will be able to upload your art in the form of picture, text, or video. Your art will then be seamlessly projected onto the gallery wall. It's that easy. However, make sure to visit the website regularly: the work of other artists might have been placed on top of yours. If this is the case, then don't worry: just login to the website to make your work fully visible again.
Projected.Capital turns crisis into opportunity: when Roehrs & Boetsch realized there was a hiatus between shows, they turned to Silvio Lorusso & Sebastian Schmieg. The two artists then created this service to turn an opportunity for the few into an abundance of opportunities for the many.